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Facial Pore Cleanser

Facial Pore Cleanser

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This Cleanser easily removes blackheads and clears clogged pores using gentle micro-suction technology while reducing the size of your skin's pores.

It penetrates deep below the skin's surface, vacuums excess oil and dirt from the pores, and makes your skin cleaner and smoother.

Now you can achieve confident skin at home without paying hundreds for professional treatment.

It extracts blackheads, oil and dead skin cells from your pores, easily leaving you a healthy skin.
It also prevents acne development from the source by removing oil and dirt.

How To Use

1. Warm your face for 3-5 minutes with hot steam (recommended), a warm towel or a hot shower to open up your pores.

2. Move the Facial Pore Cleanser slowly across your nose, chin or any area you want to clean.

3. Do not stay on any spot longer than 2 seconds to avoid bruising.

4. Finish your treatment with a cold towel, toner or mask to close the pores you just cleared out.

5. Apply your favorite moisturizer.