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360⁰ Rotating Tap Head

360⁰ Rotating Tap Head

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Water wastage and a skyrocketing monthly bill can be frustrating...

Well, that’s always the case when you’re using the wrong tap heads. The solution? Upgrade to this innovative 360⁰ Rotating Tap Head for all the sinks in your household!

Reduce energy costs and water usage by UP TO 70%...

This is the MOST EFFICIENT Tap HeadEVER!!!

360-Degree Rotatable Tap Nozzle Design

Clean your sink or wash food ingredients effortlessly and with full convenience!

3 Adjustable Spray Modes — Jet, Jet + Shower, & Shower

Helps to avoid tap water wastage and unnecessary splashes!
Easily adjust to your preferred water pressure with just 1 click.

Provides constant flowing water even when there’s unsteady water pressure...

Easy to Install — Suitable for most round taps!

PLUS, it’s extremely durable and can withstand constant high water pressure.

It’s time to streamline your boring old sink taps...

Say no more to frustrating water wastage that only leads to high monthly bills. For a more efficient household, upgrade to this 360⁰ Rotating Tap head now!!!



  1. Remove the original faucet bubbler attachment and the external thread.
  2. Insert the anti-leak attachment and align the extender.
  3. Install 360⁰ Rotating Tap Head by screwing tightly.

NOTE: Package comes with a white anti-leak rubber attachment for your convenience.

CAUTION: Product is designed for round tap heads only. It is NOT recommended for use with square tap heads.